Shade Tree Commission

How can I get Involved?


Getting a Tree Planted


There are several ways of accomplishing this objective and the sooner you start the larger the tree will be in a few years.


1.      Lottery or Commission determined distributed Village Tree (no homeowner expense)


Village funded but very few trees are available.  Depending on the annual budget as few as 20 trees may be funded by the Village.  There is already a long waiting list and the system of site identification and priority has not yet been finalized.  In short, there is no assurance that you can get a tree planted by the Village in less than 5 years, and it could be longer depending on budget allocations.


2.      Adopt a Tree  -  (homeowner funded)


Home owner can contact the village, select a tree from an approved list, pay a fee and have the village contractor plant the tree, generally in the fall.


The village will assist in determining the right location and has a list of approved trees that are appropriate for that location.  The cost of a village planted the tree (6’-8’ tall with a 2.5” caliper) and planting, ranges from $350-$500 depending on the species selected.  Shade trees are generally planted in the fall for best results.


Watering and mulching are the homeowner’s responsibility for the first two years after which formal maintenance is not generally required although continued mulching and soil aeration are helpful.


 After six years pruning becomes the town’s responsibility.  Safety or disease related pruning gets first priority.


3.      Memorial Trees


There is currently a program for planting a tree in memory of an individual.  The cost is born by the sponsor who can work with the Village to select the species and a site for the tree.  A bronze plaque is placed by the tree.  Contact the Shade Tree Department (Tim Cronin) for details and costs.




Community Support


The Shade Tree Commission welcomes -  and will depend for success - on many forms of support; from individuals, youth groups, clubs, school programs and other community based organizations.


We are currently developing activities to build awareness of the STC’s projects and volunteer programs. Updates will be posted on the website. All ideas are welcome!


Individual Support


Contribute to the Shade Tree Commission’s general planting fund (location determined by STC).  Individuals, groups or organizations can make financial contributions to the Commission’s general planting fund.  These contributions increase the number of trees which can be planted each year and will increase the speed at which the canopy can be restored.


How to Join the Commission


 Send a letter to the Mayor explaining your interest and any relevant expertise or experience.

The Mayor or Commission will contact you and schedule an interview. Meetings are generally once a month in the evening (7:30 PM)


Friends of Ridgewood Environment and Shade Trees


This group with the acronym (F.O.R.E.S.T.) is being organized and will be composed of volunteers from the Ridgewood community who are interested in helping the Shade Tree Commission fulfill its mission. 

Envisioned Activities for F.O.R.E.S.T:

·         Fund Raising for:

ü    Tree planting from Shade Tree waiting list and downtown.

ü    Identifying and creating additional tree pits for downtown.

ü    Informational meetings with outside expert speakers, volunteer training, etc.

·         Helping to arrange informational meetings.   Topics covered would expand on current Shade Tree Commission activities and other related issues.

·         Participating in training for Tree Wardens – possible NJ Tree Foundation meeting

·         Care and protection of trees (small branch winter pruning, spring mulching, site preparation. (Appropriate training and supervision would be provided )

·         Monitoring of new tree plantings and early care – gator bags, summer watering

·         Participation in Earth Day Fair.


Establishing F.O.R.E.S.T.

STC will gather contact information of individuals who are interested in participation.  Once the group is established the Shade Tree Commission will work with the group to identify specific tasks for FOREST and provide the training and guidance needed.